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  24.11  New vision for Finnish Forests
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  19.11  DNB releases 2015 growth forecasts for Baltic states
  18.11  Most Latvian firms 'unaffected by Russian embargo'
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Green Investments

Are you looking for the ultimate green investment?

KMS Baltics is a partnership of independent companies providing expert forestry management in the UK, Latvia, Estonia and Romania.  Forestry investments in each of these countries offer distinct benefits - all provide low-risk investments, robust capital growth and attractive rates of return.  KMS Baltics manages forests sustainably, using innovative and sustainable practices. Our service is entirely tailored around the individual objectives of each investor. 

The KMS Baltics partnership is made up of: Border Consultants (Forestry) Ltd. (UK forestry management), Fest-Forest (forestry management for investment in Estonia and Latvia) and  Festil Forest (Romanian forestry management). 

Green investments are increasingly sought after by environmentally conscious individuals and companies. Sustainably managed forests offer green, ethical and low-risk investment solutions, but in addition make financial sense.  In today’s chaotic markets, few asset classes can offer the security, capital preservation and cash income that forestry provides. In the UK, the Investment Property Databank forestry index tracks the performance of forestry investments. 

If this kind of investment sounds ideal for you and your financial needs, why not see how we can help you today?


Green investments 

The ‘green economy’ continues to gain momentum and offers substantial opportunities to horizon-scanning investors and those who are environmentally conscious.   Investing in sustainably managed forests provides investors with the opportunity to benefit from this growth sector.  

The global demand for sustainably managed timber continues to grow and it is forecast that demand will outstrip supply, as the tiger economies consume an ever-increasing volume for their development.  This is reflected in timber prices, which remain buoyant.

The benefits of sustainable forest management include:

- Growing trees store carbon helping to mitigate your carbon footprint  

- Forestry is highly regulated in each country, with specific forest laws demanding good practice in all operations.   We have a policy of promoting natural regeneration where appropriate and our forest management practice is sustainable.

- The global rise in renewable energy has created new markets for wood as fuel.

- Managing forests responsibly, our practices enhance biodiversity, amenity, as well as timber production to ensure the holistic health of the forest.

- Windfarm developments are viable within some forests 

- In some cases, tax benefits allow you to pass on wealth to your children, while contributing positively to their future environment. 

Forestry investment in the Baltics and Romania can provide strong returns because the forest- land is much cheaper than in western Europe and the timber of equally high quality, so you can buy a larger portfolio with your money.  Tax incentives for commercial forestry in the UK and the strong demand for home-grown timber make UK investments also attractive. 

With KMS Baltics, you may also find your timber investments lead to you acquiring additional assets at no extra cost. We are experienced in maximising these and can manage the development of summer-houses, farm conversions and character properties. This has the potential to boost your investment's value by up to tenfold. 

KMS Baltics - for your green investments 

When investing in forests through us, you can be confident of our experience, professionalism and knowledge. 

We have been involved with forestry in the UK since 1973 and broadened our reach into the Baltics in 1997. We entered the Romanian market, where we manage thousands of hectares.  

For more information call us on 0044 1668 213693.




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