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Estonia to plant 10 million trees


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More than ten million trees are to be planted in Estonia this spring, providing a boost to the country's forestry industry.

According to the Baltic Course, 6,500 hectares of land are to be renewed by the Estonian State Forest Management Centre (SFMC).

Trees planted on 4,500 of them, while a further 1,500 will be set aside for the sowing of new seeds.

Some 500 hectares will be prepared for natural renewal.

In future years, the SFMC intends to increase tree planting by a third, with the order for new tree plants reaching 14.5 a year by 2012-15.

This year, it hopes to have 5.8 million fir trees planted by the end of May, along with 3.6 million pines and 670,000 birches.

Last month, it was reported that forestry was acting as a major driver of Estonia's economic recovery.

Statistics Estonia announced that the country's industrial production was up five per cent in February compared to the same month last year.

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